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Sci-fi favorite Total Recall gets a do-over, but how will they top the original's three-breasted alien hooker?

Ever since the announcement of a Total Recall remake, loyal fans of the mind-bending Arnold Schwarzenegger classic have been shaking in their antigravity boots. But fear not, space nerds. Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, and Colin Farrell are here to tell you why you owe yourself a return to Rekall. Their version of Philip K. Dick’s iconic short story—which features beat-downs, gun battles, and special effects aplenty—will replace your fond movie memories of Arnold’s pecs with even lovelier ones. As creepy stomach mutant Kuato might say, “Open your mi-i-i-i-nd and read on...”

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"It was my second day on set, and I had my crotch in Colin's face. That was an icebreaker."

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"I'd fake punch [Beckinsale], her hair would go flying and get caught in my button, and I'd be stuck to her head."

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Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale

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