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We live in a world where even horror flicks are bloodlessly PG-13. In honor of The Informers, we take a long hard look back the glorious '80s and its wealth of gratuitous boobies.

Police Academy (1984)- Ah, the infamous "podium BJ." Admit it, the first time you saw this movie you didn't quite get what that nice lady was doing to make that kindly old cop go cross-eyed. It's OK. You were young. Now, of course, no one of a certain generation can stand up and address an audience without getting a semi.

Hot Dog: The Movie (1984)- In 80s terms, every single ski trip ever undertaken has devolved into an orgy of hot tubs and Playboy Playmates. Every. Single. One. Is it any wonder the sport became hugely popular all of a sudden? Sugarbush owes at least half of its earnings to this movie.

Fraternity Vacation (1985)- College guys pledge fraternities for one reason: The hope that their eventual trip to Daytona or Cabo or wherever will play out like Fraternity Vacation. Namely, an endless parade of feather-haired beauties with clothing allergies.

Porky's (1982)- Like Nerds, Porky's celebrates not those guys who actually get laid, but those guys who do things like peek through (or in some cases, insert things into) holes in the girls' shower wall. Any wonder we tend to relate to these guys more?

Twice Dead (1988)- This hidden rare gem features quite possibly the sickest 80s sex scene ever: A buxom hottie rides a dude on a vibrating bed, only to have the clumsy dolt spill beer on an exposed wire. He gets electrocuted, and she rides his squirming body to climax. Hot. And deadly.

Bachelor Party (1984)- For a movie about sex and debauchery, Bachelor Party is fairly chaste. That is, until Rick (Tom Hanks) discovers an ex waiting for him in the master bedroom. Moral conundrums don't look much better than this.

Revenge of the Nerds (1984)- Only in the 80s could a movie have you rooting for stalking and sexual harassment. The "nerds" unabashed violation of a sorority house probably created more freaky future online trolls than we care to think about.

9 1/2 Weeks (1986)- The best use of food and a refrigerator since Zuul scared he bejesus out of Dana Barrett. 9 1/2 Weeks also harkens back to a time when Mickey Rourke played with leftovers, instead of looked like leftovers.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)- The be-all, end-all of 80s spank bank memories. Puberty began the second Phoebe Cates emerged from that pool. Later that night, we all played the part of Judge Reinhold in our bathrooms.

Our Favorite Risque '80s Scenes