Watch an Exclusive Clip from "Dom Hemingway" Starring Jude Law

The dark British comedy is in theaters April 2.

ENTERTAINMENT  |  March 24, 2014By Justine Goodman

Dom Hemingway stars Jude Law in the title role as a rough-around-the-edges professional safecracker who, along with his partner (Richard E. Grant), sets out to settle old scores and recover a debt after spending 12 years behind bars. What follows is a raucous, boozy, violent, and hilarious romp in the same vein as Sexy Beast (with which it shares the same producers). And with a cast that also includes Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke as Hemingway's estranged daughter and Demian Bichir as the crime boss who owes him for keeping his mouth shut, there's a lot to love about Dom Hemingway - not the least of which is Jude Law's cockney accent. Check out an exclusive clip from the movie below, then catch it in theaters on April 2.


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