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BREAKING! Adam Sandler Funny Again

At last night's benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief, the comedian reminded us why we loved him so much in the first place.

In a night of a thousand stars – Springsteen, The Stones, the Who, Bon Jovi, Kanye, Paul McCartney fronting motherfucking Nivana – Adam Sandler stole the show with his version of the Leonard Cohen classic, "Hallelujah." The song has been covered by just about everyone (there's actually a book out just this week about it) but no one's been able to make it funny. And Sandler's rendition, which poked fun at Mark Sanchez, A-Rod, and "The congressman who tweeted his dick," while celebrating the resilience of New York's, was really, really funny. So, welcome back, Adam. We've missed you.

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