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Can "Gangnam Style" Lightning Strike Twice?

Can Psy recreate the worldwide viral insanity of "Gangnam Style"? Probably not, but this is still pretty cool.


Go ahead and breath a "Psy" of relief (sorry), because the Korean rapper/dancer/snappy dresser has a brand-new song and video. It's called "Gentleman," and when it was released this Saturday, it set a new YouTube record for most views in one day with over 22 million. Now, as we learned ourselves a few months back, Psy seems to know the secret formula for worldwide viral domination. After all, his "Gangnam Style" (go ahead, try to get it out of your head now) is the most-viewed YouTube video of all time with—wait for it—over 1.5 billion views. Chances are extremely slim that "Gentleman," which was first heard this weekend by a sold-out crowd of 50,000 fans at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Korea, will even come close to that mark, but, considering the video has slick dance movies, sharp tuxedos, and, of course, "sexy ladies," who knows? Take a look.

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