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Hot 100 #1 Miley Cyrus Gets Dirty on Her New Single

"We Can't Stop," the brand new single from the world's hottest woman, is stuck in our heads already.

Photo Courtesy of RCA


When we named Miley Cyrus #1 on our 2013 Hot 100 list, it wasn't just because she's cool, sexy, and one of the hugest forces in pop culture. It was also because the girl can belt out an infectious pop tune like nobody's business. (We still routinely burst into "Party in the U.S.A." in the shower.) Well, she has a new tune out now called "We Can't Stop," and, in our not-so-humble opinion, it's already a front-runner for song of the summer. The first single off her upcoming album, the song is quite a departure for Miley, as it includes references to drugs and strippers that would have made her former alter ego, Hannah Montana, blush. She's also been collaborating with music industry heavyweights like Mike Will, Pharrell, Future, Dr. Luke, and, which comes through in the tune's more mature sound. But enough talk! Take a listen, and don't be embarrassed about getting down in your cubicle.

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