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Rockstar Playlist: Hard Rock Hotel

The best country songs tell a story - and it’s no coincidence that many of these involve drinking! Here are the top picks for honky-tonk throwdown from Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi.

Photo via Hard Rock Hotels

PLAYLIST: Boozy Country Blowout

1. Willie Nelson, “Bloody Mary Morning”

Willie is an American treasure and Bloody Marys are the third most popular breakfast drink behind coffee and Mountain Dew.

2. The Band, “When I Paint My Masterpiece”

As an American, you’re probably just a little suspicious of Canada, but we can all agree that The Band was amazing.

3. Jamey Johnson, “Lonely At The Top”

This song about losing all your friends once you’re famous pairs perfectly if you’re in one of those melancholy drinking moods.

4. Townes Van Zandt, “Pancho And Lefty”

This tune about a friend selling you out to the Mexican police is a wonderful addendum to the last song, by a band that’s criminally underrated.

5. Greg Bates, “Fill In The Blanks”

Liven things up with good new country music instead of all that crappy new country stuff. This song by Greg Bates sounds great on a bar jukebox or on a stereo in your backyard. Pair with plenty of tequila.

6. Ramsay Midwood, “Spinning On This Rock”

Ramsay Midwood is our favorite unknown country singer ever, and he should be yours too. Play this song when your head starts to spin.

7. Drive By Truckers, “Gravity’s Gone”

A great song even just for it’s title alone. You know the feeling.

8. Loretta Lynn, “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind)”

If you’re feeling frisky, this is a perfect reminder that maybe you should go home to your own bed tonight.

9. Rosco Bandana, “Woe Is Me”

This one is for the morning after. This band feels your pain – they’re also the best new country artist of the last few years.

DRINK WHILE LISTENING: Moonshine, preferably distilled by a toothless hillbilly

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