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These artists know that it's always best to play it sexy on the sleeve.

The Strokes, Is This It?- You may ask yourself that very question after listening to this overhyped debut. You'll also realize you haven't spanked your girl in a long time.

Hinder, Extreme Behavior- Slammed for a style of rock old enough to vote, Hinder upped the ante with this lingerie-clad cover girl. Critics say passé; "ass" is in the middle of that word.

RATT, Invasion of Your Privacy- The knockout gracing the cover of Ratt's sophomore release suggests hump far more than slump. Plus, she puts her socks on one foot at a time, just like you!

The Cars, Candy-O- Ric Ocasek vs. animated hottie? Hey, as Tawny Kitaen ably demonstrated in a Whitesnake video years later, hot chick + car hood = enthusiasm. Even if she is drawn.

Madonna, Like a Prayer- It's like looking at the yearbook photo of the girl who did everyone in high school and still admitting she's hot. The bare midriff here causes both epiphany and erection.

Toni Braxton, Libra- Toni's known nown more for skimpy attire than her oft-underrated vocal ability, but for good reason. Don't you wanna get medieval on her astrological sign?

Pulp, This Is Hardcore- This cover sparked a minor furor in the U.K. in 1998. Not one damn track might come to mind, but who cares? The cover of This Is Hardcore is just that: Hardcore.

Shania Twain, Up!- Like such a command is even necessary. The holes in the tank top alone could cause the…um, reaction…the title demands.

Pixies, Surfer Rosa- She sure as hell doesn't look like a surfer, but Topless Flamenco Dancer Rosa probably sounded too much like a late entry in the Kentucky Derby.

Jane's Addiction, Nothing's Shocking- More National Geographic than anything, the naked Siamese twins with dual burning heads here are…wow, we never thought we'd write that sentence!

Mariah Carey, Butterfly- Long before Jenny Craig began leaving voice mail offers and the loony bin kept a suite tidy just for her, Mariah was—to quote Ol' Dirty Bastard—"on fi-ah."

Christina Aguilera, Stripped- One look at this record's cover, and the accompanying photos within, and you can totally see why there's an extra "r" in Dirrty.

Slunt, Get a Load of This- Former MTV2 VJ Abby Gennet is smokin' enough on the back cover, but a bikini-clad girl eating ice-cream cone? Timeless.

Roxy Music, Country Life- They could have called it Super Saver or Bargain Bin, but damned if this isn't maybe the sexiest cover ever.

Herb Alpert, Whipped Cream & Other Delights- This Beyoncé-looking woman wearing a whipped-cream dress will either make your girl lock the bedroom door, or you hop into your car and head to the nearest Friendly's.

Aerosmith, Pump- Two old-fashioned trucks doing something just as old-fashioned: Doggystyle. What could be sexier?

Jennifer Lopez, On the 6- Before the birth of J-Lo and the death of a promising film career came this, resulting in two phenomenon: A successful recording career and an enthusiasm for riding the subway.

Gwen Stefani, Love. Angel. Music. Baby.- Technically, the back cover trumps the front, but here—flanked by her Harajuku girls—Stefani drives men B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Shakira, Oral Fixation, Vol. 2- A naked girl holding up an apple in a garden is played out, but not when the girl is hip-shaking Shakira. Damn, it could happen all over again, couldn't it?

REO Speedwagon, Hi Infidelity- Sure the guy with the perm and tucked-in shirt placing a needle on some vinyl is dated as shit, but the three-quarters-naked bimbo applying lipstick holds up remarkably well.

Slaughter, Stick It to Ya- Masochistic? Not likely with a squeal like Mark Slaughter and a song like "Fly to the Angels." What knife-thrower worth his blades would want to hit a hottie in a unitard anyway?

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