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Finally, Guys Who Go To Harvard Catch a Break!

The Crimson get their first ever tourney win, bust brackets nationwide.

For the first time in it’s  377 year history, Harvard’s men’s basketball team came away from an NCAA tournament game with a victory. The 14 seed’s 68-62 win over No. 3 New Mexico is the big sports news of the day, so how did the university’s illustrious alumni react? After all, when one’s alma mater overcomes adversity to win the biggest upset in it’s history…well it’s a big deal, right? Right?!? Well…

Photo: Harry How / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Mark Zuckerberg
Bill Gates
Natalie Portman
George W. Bush
Al Gore
Conan O’Brien
Tom Morello
Rashida Jones
Mitt Romney
Jeremy Lin
Now that’s some school spirit. In other Harvard news, the school is now embroiled in a quiz bowl scandalThat’s more like it.

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