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Scrotum Tear-

In a 1986 game against France, Kiwi Wayne “Buck” Shelford lost three teeth and had his scrotum ripped open in a collision. Shelford returned to the pitch, only to suffer a major con­cussion. Today he can’t recall anything about the match.

The Spear Tackle -

Lifting a player, turning him upside down, and slamming him headfirst into the ground.

Checking the Oil-

While not an official foul, sticking fingers up bums has earned monthlong suspensions.

Eye-Gouging/Punching in the Scrum-

Giving or receiving a punch to the face is hard to avoid in this game.

Excessive Rucking-

During which a player (wearing cleats) stomps on another player.

Five Most Violent Rugby Fouls