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First Lady

You’ve seen this dancing queen in the background of countless music videos. But now Jenna Dewan’s in the front. We’re OK with that.

STUFF: Clear something up for us. Did you date Justin Timberlake?
Who is that? [Laughs] He’s a really good friend. He was and is an amazing person in my life.

Does he do that annoying beat-box shit wherever he goes?
Not when I was around him.

Sadly, you’re now dating actor Shane West. Pretend that you aren’t stuck dating some handsome and charming Hollywood star. What would you look for in a guy?
Sense of humor. You have to make me laugh; otherwise, I’m not interested. And I like passion in men. It adds an extra element, and I like that a lot. You have to be kind. I love flattery. All those good things.

Let’s talk a bit about your new calendar and its overwhelming sexiness.
Yes, it’s sexy. People shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies. Especially women. [The calendar features] dancers. It appealed to me because a lot of times dancers don’t get credit for what they do. We work just as hard as anyone else, but we’re behind the scenes, so you don’t really get to know about us. So this seemed like a cool concept.

I like the way you’re topless and covering your boobs with your arms!
Oh, my God! [Laughs] That’s so male. I love it. I did start with a bathing suit and a top on. Then it was kind of like, “Well, why don’t you lie in the sand and take the top off?” You get more comfortable.

You claim to be a big flirt, yet you didn’t flirt with me during this interview. I’m hurt.
Oh! Have I not flirted with you? I’m sorry. I have a boyfriend now. I’m more of a flirt when I’m not taken. I’m a good girl.

Me, too! –Mike Olson

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan

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