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Tech Review: Gioteck FR-1 Wireless Racing Wheel

We got behind the wheel of the new…uh, wheel? Sorry, we didn’t think this one through.

Gioteck FR-1 Wireless Racing Wheel, £39.99

What it is:
The answer to your driving game dilemmas, the solution to your four-wheel foul-ups, and the peripheral you’ve been praying for to live out your petrol head dreams. Actually, it’s a lump of moulded black U-shaped plastic, but we have to make it sound exciting, don’t we? Underneath its styled, carbon fibre finish lurks wireless witchcraft that will push your racing game thrills to new levels of realism. Sure, long Nurburgring-like bouts are as much about upper arm strength and stamina as they are about cornering skills, but we’d still take this wee wireless wheel over those moulded to a dirty great lump of plastic adorned with stickers of fake rev counters and oil gauges any day.

Why you need it:
There’s a raft of racers out right now, with Need For Speed and the latest Forza installment filling most punters’ post-festive void, and the FR-1 is definitely the pick of the peripheral crop to get it on with gas. There are also back-catalogue crackers like Gran Turismo 5 to dig out from that dingy bit of your wardrobe, as this wheel will definitely magic them a new lease of pixel perfect life.

Top tip:
The Giotek Fr-1 wheel comes with a handy sensitivity switch and it’s essential you take a moment to calibrate it correctly to suit your steering style – otherwise, you’ll hit everything but the right line.

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