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Football Tips By Snoop Dogg

Listen up, peewee-league coaches: Snoop Dogg tells you how to smoke the competition. Hut, hut, hizz-ike!

Photo by Joel Kimmel
When he’s not sippin’ on gin and juice, the D-O-Double-G serves up gridiron expertise through L.A.’s Snoop Youth Football League. Thousands of potential pigskin pros have passed through the league, including Ronnie Hillman, who was drafted by the Broncos. “That’s the beauty of it,” says Mr. Dogg (a.k.a. Snoop Lion). “To see these kids grow into young men and go to high school and then college and eventually become NFL stars.” Here are two of Coach Snoop’s favorite sneak attacks.

1. The Batman

“This is usually called the swinging gate, but we call it the Batman to make it fun for the kids. The formation is eight guys on the left side of the field A.) and the center, QB, and running back in the middle B.) That way the defense has to decide whether to shift over and defend those eight guys without the ball or the three with the ball. That’s going to leave somebody open. Most likely, when they see eight kids run over to the left, naturally they’re going to chase them. That’s what we want.”

2. The Center Sneak

“We tried this one time when we were losing. The center hikes the ball but just touches it on the QB’s hand A.) The QB runs to the right, and everyone on the team runs with him, like he’s got the ball. Then the center runs straight up the middle with nobody on him, because nobody knows he has the ball B.) That’s an illegal play, but we did it anyway, you know what I’m sayin’?”