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2012 Holiday Cards For Every NFL Team

NFC North: Green Bay Packers

A question Josh Zerkle posed: Is there an NFL superstar who would be more likely than Aaron Rodgers to give up the game to become a dentist? There is not.


Sharing holiday cards with family, friends and colleagues is an annual tradition around the world. The NFL community is certainly no exception. While most corporate cards can be boring and devoid of personality, teams in the NFL always manage to capture the essence of the holidays with their seasonal greetings. Through spirited sleuthing and yuletide gumption, we have collected and compiled the good tidings from every NFL team to share with you. These are in no way just ideas that NFL lead writer Josh Zerkle and I thought up in an egg-nog-infused brainstorming session that preceded five days of merry Photoshopping. These are as real as the fat red man stuck in your chimney. Good tidings from us to you. Let's get to the cards.


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