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Five Things We Learned From NFL Week 15

The Cardinals would be better off punting instead of passing, a kicker saved (or doomed) your fantasy playoffs, and more from another week of football.

Photo: Kyle Terada / USA TODAY Sports | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

1. Sebastian Janikowski Can Go to Hell
On Sunday, the Oakland Raiders’ 15-0 win over the Kansas City Chiefs looked like the typical meaningless late season game between two non-contenders for the playoffs. But kicker Sebastian Janikowski’s five field goals were worth 19 points in traditional fantasy leagues (field goals of a significant distance are worth more than the usual three points). Most leagues should be in their playoff final or semi-final game, meaning for thousands of people out there, Janikowski just booted them in or out of a championship. And that wasn’t it for prolific kickers. Blair Walsh of the Vikings scored an even more impressive 24 points, but that was buried in the 36-22 final score with the Rams.

2. The Arizona Cardinals are Better off Without a QB
According to some math science over at the biglead, the rotating sequence of bums claiming to play quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals over the past four weeks have netted the team a total of (sad drum roll, please) - 30 yards. The Cardinals would be better off just punting the ball to their opponents than letting their “quarterbacks” pass.

3. Adrian Peterson Will Break 2,000 Yards
Peterson is averaging an insane 6.3 yards a carry, which would be crazy enough if he wasn’t coming off of a season-ending injury from last season. With two games left to play, Peterson is 294 yards away from breaking Erik Dickerson’s single season rushing record of 2,105 yards set in 1984. And while it will be tough to exceed that number in the next two weeks, barring injury, Peterson will definitely go over 2,000 yards, joining just six other running backs in history.

4. The Seahawks Are Being Dicks
After going for it on 4th and forever up 50 points against the Cardinals last week, you’d think Pete Carroll and the Seahawks would think twice about running up the score again. Nope. Up 30 against the Bills in the fourth quarter, Carroll called for a fake punt.

5. The Pee-Wee Dance is Always Appropriate

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