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How to Lose Your Tourney Bracket

Ben Hoffman, comedian and Kentucky fanatic, on mastering March Madness.

Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage

Don’t Get Too Caught Up in It All…
It’s tough being a Kentucky fan—all our players are one and done. It’s hard to be a huge fan of guys who you just met a few weeks before and are about to go to the NBA and make more money than you’ll ever see.

...But Stick With Your Team
Of course, I’m still rooting for the Wildcats. I can’t bet against my own team. And despite how good we’ve been, it still means I’ve lost something like 30 times, so I can’t really recommend this as a betting strategy.

Let It All Hang Out

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty

At the game? Forget the huge signs and leave the other team alone. Unless the sign has my face on it and info on my show. That’ll get their attention.

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