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Tampa Bay Buccaneers' New Uniforms Look Worse Than Their Record

As if things couldn't get any more depressing for the team.

(Photos Courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

The Bucs spent last season going 4-12, getting rid of a likely insane head coach, and generally making Tampa Bay unhappy. This season is a new start though; Doug Martin is healthy, the proven coach Lovie Smith is at the helm, and they get to wear brand-new uniforms. The only problem is that they are an absolute monstrosity.

The uniforms look more like a fictional futuristic football team from a movie’s kit, instead of a true NFL team’s gear. The Bucs have always stood out in their jerseys, most recently the pewter on the helmet and pants, and less recently, the ever-popular (but illegal) creamsicle throwbacks. This new look kept the pewter (but made it unrecognizable) and dropped a bit of the orange into the shirt, but they are going to have a hard time recovering from the way-too-large logo on the helmet and  the alarm clock-style numbers that are supposed to harken back to “historical Buccaneer blade carvings.”

Unless the management is setting the Bucs' bar intentionally low to prevent the shattering of expectations (not a terrible idea), the new uniforms will go down as a huge misstep. Not the hugest, but not the smallest either. 

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