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Birthday: August 25, 1987 

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Where You've Seen Her: Blake Lively first caught our attention as Monica Moreland in the film Accepted in 2006, but in 2007, she became a star as Serena van der Woodsen (more like van der sexy!) on that television show we’ve totally never seen and you can’t make us admit to anything, Gossip Girl. This past year, she starred in The Town and has also taken on the role as Leonardo DiCaprio's latest main squeeze (Really? Really?! Really really.). Though we're not too happy from the news about Leo, we are stoked to see her as Carol Ferris in the space-faring nerdy goodness of Green Lantern, in theatres tomorrow.

Random Fact: According to IMDB, she loves going to Disneyland. 

Blake Lively