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Things have been heating up for Camilla Luddington since she was cast as England’s future princess in the Lifetime movie William & Kate. Now the gorgeous Brit leaves behind all that’s prim and proper to get down and dirty on the fifth season of Californication.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned from playing royalty?
I grew thicker skin by doing that film. Suddenly there was so much attention on my personal life.Someone even created a fake Facebook page for me.

Creepy. Was it accurate?
It said I was a Jewish, bisexual, roller-skating Republican. None of that’s true.

In America we like to have our facts straight. So+ do you take your clothes off in Californication?
That’s a legitimate question! Well, I play a nanny, and there are moments where I might lose items of clothing.

Understood. What do you like most about living in the States?
I do have a thing for American boys.

So how can a local guy impress you this Valentine’s Day?
It’s the one day you can be super cheesy, so I like seeing a guy go out of his way to make dinner and bring me flowers, and I usually use it as an excuse to put on some sexy lingerie.


Hometown: Ascot, England

Birthday: December 15

Secret Talent: “I’m the master of foosball.”

Instrument of Choice: “I’m always the drummer when I play Rock Band.”

Go-to Drink: “Really dirty martinis, to the point where it’s kind of gross.”

Favorite Food: “Brick-oven pizza and sundaes from Serendipity 3 in New York!”

Embarrassing iPod Song: “ ‘Barbie Girl’ is on there. I’ve got to delete a lot of stuff after this chat!”

Camilla Luddington