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Date of birth:
December 18, 1980

Staten Island, New York

Vital stats:

Independent woman:
“I don’t live my life to please others, I live my life to please me. Basically, I live by my own rules. As long as I’m not hurting anybody, fine.”

Where you’ve seen her:
The multipierced, multimillion-album-selling sexpot has been a constant figure in the media limelight since breaking onto the teen-pop circuit in 1999 with her self-titled debut album. Her 2002 sophomore album, Stripped, and a new raunchier image won her even more fans and paved the way for her No. 1 spot in Maxim’s Hot 100 of 2003.

Fashion victim:
“I’m a risk taker and I’ve always been like that, especially when it comes to fashion. I was actually disappointed this year because I wasn’t on the People magazine worst-dressed list. I mean, what is the world coming to? In fact, I’m a little angry about it.”

No drama:
“I’m really not the type to throw unnecessary tantrums or walk around in fancy-ass clothes and shit. That’s so not me.”

Taking sides:
“I love playing with the sexual side of things. That’s a big side of me.”

Christina from the block:
“I started singing at block parties and pool parties when I was six years old, so I was known around town as the little girl with the big voice.“

A child star is born:
She appeared on Star Search (and lost) in 1988. But in 1992—alongside Britney Spears and ’N Sync’s Justin and JC—she became a member of the kiddie-star factory The All New Mickey Mouse Club.

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