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Birthday: May 26, 1985
Hometown: Detroit, Mich.

Where You've Seen Her: Since the age of 5, Elisabeth has compiled a consistent resume of roles, most notably as Alice on the Disney Channel's live-action musical series, Adventures in Wonderland. After growing up and attaining supreme hotness, this blonde prodigy has made appearances on shows like Point Pleasant, One Tree Hill, and Miami Medical, and is now reuniting with Disney for the animated film Mars Needs Moms as a hippie graffiti-artist Martian named Ki. If she sounds as sexy as she looks, your ears are about to start sweating.

Those Racy 'Point Pleasant' Scenes Were VERY Pleasant...for Us: "It's never something you're like, 'All right, let's go do this,' you know? You definitely discuss it, it's choreographed and there's a respect for space and, fortunately, the people I'm working with are all very sane, intelligent and respectful people, especially the person that I have to have a lot of the intimate scenes with." —Sci-Fi Online

Elisabeth Harnois