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Age: 26

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Vitals: 5'8"

Makes Mercury hotter than the sun: Embarrassing arrogant celebs on the second season of Punk'd isn't her only talent. You've also seen her sandwiched between episodes of Must See TV, where her shilling for the gas-guzzling Mercury Mountaineer makes you momentarily forget the $70 it'll cost to fill 'er up.

Revving her engine: The 2006 launch of Mercury's new Milan already claimed dibs on Wags as the spokeswoman whose exposure is likely to land her at least some Law and Order guest spots. If you thought you had called dibs first, take it up with the Screen Actor's Guild. There still might be a chance for you to land a walk-on role on UPN's Love Inc.More hotties who've experienced commercial success:
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Jill Wagner