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Hometown: Rochester, U.K.

Our favorite British import: The Carmen Electra of the U.K., Kelly is famous for being outrageously hot. Her mistake-free chassis nabbed her a couple of plum American roles: one as Mrs. Billy Zane and another as Seth Green's garnishing in The Italian Job, along with roles in the thriller House of 9, and in the upcoming 3-D extravaganza Piranha 3-D.

Eight of nine guests choose death over life: Nine strangers are trapped in a house and only one will get out alive in the thriller House of 9. Grab the DVD to find out if the survivor will be the lovely Kelly, squishy-faced Dennis Hopper, or Hippolyte Girardot. But at least one thing is certain: Hippolyte is an absolutely ridiculous name.

WATCH VIDEO OF KELLY at her Maxim shoot.

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Kelly Brook