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Date of birth
October 11, 1985

New York, New York

Vital stats:

Take 24/7:
"Dating someone who isn't in the entertainment business is difficult. They don't understand your schedule or that you work every second of the day."

Where you've seen her:
Growing up on-screen in countless TV commercials, she got her big break on the ABC soap All My Children, and has since battled evil on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hosted the Discovery Kids show Truth or Scare, and played a pop singer on HBO's Six Feet Under. She has also starred in the movies Harriet the Spy, Inspector Gadget, and Eurotrip. Look for her next year playing a figure skater in the romantic comedy Ice Princess.

Backside turn:
"You don't realize how short skating skirts are. I'd look at playback and all I could see was my butt. I said, 'Wait a minute, this is supposed to be a PG movie!'"

Bag lady:
"I can't resist buying shoes, bags, and lip gloss. I can never leave a shopping experience without one of those."

Under covers:
"During my Harriet the Spy years, I went through a huge tomboy stage and I would only wear horizontal stripes and overalls. But there was a time of my life that I rebelled against it by making all of my jeans tighter and lower."

So fresh and so clean:
"When I was three years old, my mom knew of a manager in New York City. I did a Whisk detergent commercial, where I spilled cranberry juice on my father. I ended up doing more than 100 commercials."

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Michelle Trachtenberg