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72 Hours in Dublin: Drink, Cry, Repeat

Here's what happens when a Maxim editor with a drinking problem (solution?) spends St Patrick's weekend in Dublin.

It's Friday, March 15th at 9am, and I've just arrived at the Brooks Hotel in Dublin after a long flight from New York. It's time to meet the other journalists I'll be traveling with, along with our hosts from Guinness, and head to our first stop: the Guinness Storehouse. After that, we'll be doing a meet and greet with the President of Ireland. I fear that I am woefully unprepared for at least one of these activities...

That's me. Luckily, I've come to the one place on earth where being the size of a leprechaun is completely normal, so I feel right at home.

The festivities kick off at the Gravity Bar atop the Storehouse, where there are several toasts and many pints of Guinness. I've never seen anything so beautiful. Oh, and the view of the city is pretty spectacular too.

Photo: Guinness Storehouse

Photo: Guinness Storehouse

Photo: Guinness Storehouse