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Dothraki 101

Learn to talk like a true nomadic warrior. Linguist David Peterson, creator of the Dothraki language, translates phrases for your Game of Thrones viewing party. 

I need to take a piss. Yell if someone bangs his sister.
Anha zigerek athnavizaroon. Donas hash ato hilee inavvaes mae.
I’m going to have an aurochs-size hangover tomorrow.
Nharenroj anni azhokwae ven noah silokh.
Shhh! It’s that point in the show when someone reminds Jon Snow that he’s a bastard.
Asp! Me ray jado, arrek ato asta haji Jon Snow memé zinakka.
Pass me the spicy swan wings (buffalo wings).
Fichas anhaan feldememak yazha.
Well, there goes someone’s head again.
Me ovetha save, jin nhare atoon.
Dragon lady’s boobs! Pause it!
Sovi zhavorseesisoon! Annakhas mae!
New drinking game, everybody! Every time Tyrion Lannister has sex with a whore, take a shot of fermented mare’s milk.
Vilajerosh athindezari sash! Kash Tyrion Lannister saja mezhah, kash me indee lamekh ohazho. 
I’m going to have an aurochs-sized hangover tomorrow.
Nharenroj anni azhokwae ven noah silokh.