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Halloween, Gangam Style

International superstar Psy explains how to channel your inner Gangam Style for Halloween.

With over 530 million YouTube hits, Korean singer Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video is a global viral sensation. That means that you—and probably a few other folks—are considering dressing like the K-pop star for Halloween. Lucky for you, we sat down with Psy to get his advice on what it takes to truly be him. Pay attention, and you’ll be batting away the “sexy ladies.”

1. Plump is perfect.
“If you’re a chubby guy with a tux, wearing sunglasses, and doing ‘Gangnam Style,’ you’re Psy.”

2. Follow the video.
“I would recommend looking as similar as possible to the music video. The music video costume is kind of the origin.”

3. Don’t neglect the hair.
“I use a little bit of gel. I’ve been styling my hair like this since when I was 12, so it’s a long period. I’m really good at styling my hair in this shape.”

4. Embrace the cheese.
“I don’t look good dancing, so I just want to fun dance. Dance cheesy and dress cheesy, that’s what ‘Gangnam Style’ is all about!”

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Skip the style, get me to the girls.