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Cocktail recipes and round-ups of the best places to drink and the best whiskeys and beers.

The 8 Bar Tools Every Man Should Own
From jiggers to juicers, here’s what you need to make just about any cocktail.


About Maxim's Booze Section

Welcome to Maxim Booze, a section devoted to some of our closest friends in the world. If you also find yourself on a first-name basis with those familiar bottles behind the bar, this is for you. We are serving up the best cocktail recipes in town to impress on any occasion. Whether a bold Bloody Mary for breakfast or an after dinner mint martini, we have you covered all day and every day.

Looking for the best beer on tap? This is also the right place. The Maxim editors have done the painstaking work of tasting and reviewing a variety of brews (and booze) and sharing their seasoned insights with you. Maxim keeps you up to date on the latest news and trends from the world of alcohol so that you can focus on the important part: drinking it.