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In case you don’t get enough chow and booze at the holiday parties, here’s some extra deliciousness to put under your tree.

Naga Chilli Vodka, $51

The Master of Malt has created a vodka so hellish and unbearable that the Master of Malt recommends you don’t buy it. They even seal the bottle with industrial strength wire and a lead seal, so there’s no getting into it without wire cutters. Seriously. The Naga Chilli vodka ups the ante by 2.5x compared to their previous attempt, bringing the paltry 100,000 Scoville units to an agonizing 250,000. The comments section confirms the hype with such warnings as, “This is just ridiculous - just a sip and I can still taste this nightmare over an hour later” and, “24 hours later, I'm still quite fragile.” Obviously, you have to try this (or at least dare your friends to).