Rita Ora Just Hit An Instagram Milestone, So Let's Celebrate With Her Hottest Shots Ever

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When most Instagram stars hit a follower milestone—1,000, 1 million, 10 million—they post a screenshot of some smarmy message of gratitude they mindlessly wrote on Apple Notes while sitting on the toilet.

Rita Ora isn't most IG bombshells, though. When the British pop star/slash/ bikini model broke 11 million, she not only expressed her appreciation for her followers but also gave them a reason to be grateful—by writing "11 m" on her chest and clutching her breasts for a racy Instagram shot.

The striking black-and-white photo is just one of the many reasons we love Rita. Still, the British babe hinted we haven't seen all she's got in her yet as she captioned the post, "Thank you so much! I have so much in store for you this year! Bring on 2017!"

Everyone, let's all get her up to 12 million ASAP. It takes a village.

Below, see how she rightfully earned those 11 million with 11 of her raciest shots yet:

h/t Daily Mail