Jennifer Lopez Wants Alex Rodriguez to Be the Next Yankees Manager

The Bronx native is standing by her man.
By Maxim Staff ,

A. Rod as a player, Jennifer Lopez as a goddess

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There's a vacuum in New York Yankees management, and as far as Jennifer Lopez is concerned, her man — and former star Yankee slugger — Alex Rodriguez is the perfect choice to fill it.

The Yankees got tired of frequently successful manager Joe Girardi earlier this year and inexplicably let him go. 

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The New York Times reports the team is looking for someone who can make a connection with the team that eluded Girardi, who suffered at least in part from the age gap between him and new, young players. 

Beyond the Box Score published a post saying A-Rod was "the best and only" choice for the role and J-Lo was right there with them.

Arguments in Rodriguez's favor are pretty strong. He's only 42, he's great on TV, and love him or hate him, he has a genius for the game. 

Also, we just don't know how anyone in their right minds could say no to J. Lo.


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