G-Shock Celebrates 35th Anniversary With 'Red Out' Watch Collection

By Thomas Freeman ,

(Photo: Casio)

For 35 years, G-Shock has been among the toughest watch brands around. It pioneered the shock-resistant timepiece, upending the idea that watches have to be fragile and breakable.

In honor of its anniversary, Casio honors the brawny watchmaking heritage of its G-Shock line with a commemorative "Red-Out" collection.


All watches—the DW-5635C, AWG-M535C, DW-5735C, DW-6935C and GA-735C—are in a matte red, thanks to a new lusterless coating.


Other details include red LCD lighting and an engraved G-Shock logo on the case back designed by graphic artist Eric Haze.


G-Shock says these fiery red timepieces embody the brand's commitment to "absolute toughness." 


There is still no word on when these are coming or what they'll cost, but DW models tend to run around from $50 to $100, AWG $150 and GA $100 to $150.

h/t Hypebeast

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