4 Crazy Christmas Crimes

As these real-life holiday meltdowns demonstrate, ’tis the season to be crazy.

Jingle Bell Glock

In 2007 a dog damaged holiday decorations outside of Ethel Mc­­Kinney’s mobile home in Louisiana. In retaliation, the 28-year-old homeowner allegedly fired several shots at the dogs’ two owners, injuring both of them. Her Rudolph lawn ornament can now rest easy.

Holiday Break-In

In November 2011, Terry Trent, 44, was allegedly high on bath salts and Christmas spirit when he broke into a house to put up holiday decorations. Police were called and charged Trent with burglary and possession of illegal amounts of festivity.

Grinch Mob

At the annual Santa Claus Parade in Ontario last year, a 24-year-old man with his hair gelled into devil horns ran around screaming obscenities and telling children that Santa wasn’t real. Police arrested him for disturbing the peace, and now he’ll forever be on Santa’s naughty list.

Yuletide Stabbing

After stealing a Christmas ornament at a craft fair in Connecticut, Ruth Wagner, 55, allegedly used it to stab a vendor who tried blocking her way. The vendor survived with a serious injury, and Wagner was arrested. She’s also been disinvited to our tree-trimming party.

Photos by MDI Digital | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013