Bar Of The Week: Alexander Bar

Get jazzed up at this Cape Town hideaway.

The awesome girls of are here to help you find the world’s greatest watering holes.

Alexander Bar, Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re after a secret adult playground filled with booze and a lot of cheeky jazz, then Cape Town’s Alexander Bar is your place. The décor is just the right side of 1920’s chic and there are plenty of quirky novelties hidden around the place that you’ll struggle not to tinker with. Use the antique phones on each table to make a booty call across the room to someone you like the look of; plus, if you press 9, you can call the bartender. Hell yes, another of those superb gin Martinis coming up. There’s also a typewriter, so you can pretend to be a tortured author, and a piano with which to serenade the ladies. The views from the terrace are limited, but you’re only interested in going out for a smoke anyway, right? If you’re after something a little more cultured than boozing, smoking, and making prank calls, head upstairs, where a fully fledged theater shows live music and comedy.

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