Bar Of the Week: Bar Basso, Milan, Italy

Show some élan in Milan.

The awesome girls of are here to help you find the world’s greatest watering holes.

Bar Basso, Milan, Italy

If you’re looking for some old-school glamor circa 1941 (when this bar first opened), then you better head here. The interior manages to carry off peach, gold, and green velvet like no other, and the staff are professional and dressed in black tie. This is where the Milanese cocktail culture was born and they’re still executing it with style. The now-famous and very popular Negroni Sbagliati (a Negroni made with sparkling wine instead of gin) was first created here. Start with that and move on to some of their classics – they all come in slick, individual glasses. The music policy veers from classical to Tupac – which is exactly the soundtrack we like with our cocktails.

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