Bar Of The Week: Carpe Diem, Croatia

Seize the day. And a cocktail.

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Carpe Diem, Hvar, Croatia

If you’re looking for a party, it doesn’t get much better than your own private party island off the coast of Croatia’s partying capital, Hvar. Carpe Diem is the most famous bar in Hvar, and lures in all sorts of celebs, from Jay-Z to Prince Harry to the Yacht Week good-time girls, and pretty much anyone else who knows how to have an awesome time. By day, either head to the port-side bar to kick back and chill on huge Moet-branded cushions, or boat over to Carpe Diem Island to grab a lounger and a stiff cocktail and jump right into the waves.

By night, the bar is buzzing with all the hottest people in Hvar. The booze flows, and the Euro beats thump from the speakers. At 1AM the bar empties as the Carpe Diem boats rock up to ferry everyone over to Carpe Diem island, and this is where shit gets SERIOUS. There are fires, swimming pools, palm trees, world famous DJs, Champagne lounges, podiums, and the most epic dance floor of all time. Like BarChick, you may find yourself fully clothed in a swimming pool at 4am, or even dancing up on the bar as the sun rises, but come 6am the boat will return to take you across the waves and back to reality. In short, it will be one of the best nights of your life, guaranteed.

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