Bar Of The Week: El Tocororo

Head to Cuba if you feel like “Havana” cigar.

The awesome girls of are here to help you find the world’s greatest watering holes.

El Tocororo, Havana, Cuba

There was a time when men wore tweed suits in Cuba, despite the Caribbean sunshine. They also drove Cadillacs and were never seen without a cigar hanging from their lips. In short: They were awesome. Sadly, this Cuba is long gone, but if you want a taste of the good times, head for this Miramar mansion.

In one of the most elitist suburbs of Havana, El Tocororo feels like an old English gentleman’s club from the days when Winston Churchill used to enjoy a smoke (and 17 whiskeys) in old London town. Tiffany lamps, stained glass, and hanging plants all add to the vibe. Spark up a Cohiba, order a blinding mojito, and do your best impression of Ernest Hemingway.

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