Bar Of The Week: La Bicicleta Cafe, Madrid

You’ll go head over handlebars for this place.

The awesome girls of are here to help you find the world’s greatest watering holes.

La Bicicleta Cafe, Madrid, Spain

La Bicicleta Café was the first of its kind to crop up on Madrid’s cycle café block, and it’s still riding high in the hipster hierarchy. Bike-lovers will go mad for this place, which is complete with repair tools, workbenches, lectures, and screenings of bike movies…kinda dorky, but whatever. It’s not just for those with a weakness for wheels, though; visitors in need of a good hearty meal will appreciate the healthy, organic food on offer. To be honest, BarChick isn’t really in it for the bikes at all – like always, we’re all about the booze, and this place is guaranteed to satisfy, with an epic beer and cocktail selection on offer. 

Hot leather-clad biker-chicks? YUP. Whether they’re hiding behind their MacBooks or pranging out to the indie-rock soundtrack, the city’s cool kids are everywhere. The urban, industrial, concrete, graffiti-covered interior is the perfect place in which to kick back with either a fancy coffee or a beer. On our last visit, we were digging the hot young things who rode their ‘decorative’ bikes around the bar and proceeded to snort lines of sugar off the tables, leaving the occasional phallic piece of graffiti on the walls before riding off into the night. We’re sure this isn’t all La Bicicleta has to offer, but even if it is, we’ll be back.

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