Bar Of The Week: The Liar’s Club

Have an honest good time in Manchester.

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The Liars Club, Manchester, England

If you’re going to go tiki, you’ve gotta do it right. Captian Lydon, aka Bacardi Tiki Champion, got serious in the seriously un-tiki Manchester, England, and his baby The Liar’s Club is a tiki-tastic den of debauchery. You can totally get away with fulfilling that fantasy of being on a pirate ship – Davy Jones would fit right in behind the bar (no, really – Davy is a surprisingly compact individual). There are palm trees, over 100 different types of rum, tables made from barrels, and casual fire-blowing. Yup…casual. The cocktails are spot on, so if you think you’ve tried a real Piña Colada before, you’re in for a shock. And yes, it is totes acceptable to drink Piña Coladas here. The Liar’s Club keeps going ’til 4am and even then, you’ll be begging for a lock-in below deck. Ahoy!

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