Bar Of The Week: Pikes Hotel

Heading to Ibiza? Here’s where you want to end up.

The awesome girls of are here to help you find the world’s greatest watering holes.

Pikes Hotel, Ibiza

When it comes to getting your crunk on, there’s no better place than Pikes Hotel. A legendary hilltop boutique on the outskirts of San An, this place has had a right rep since Tony Pike bought it in the ’70s. Sundays’ all-day pool parties are not to be missed – Wham’s “Club Tropicana” video was shot here, so when it comes to splashing around seductively, you know they’ll do it right. Kick-off with the kind of roast dinner that’d put your mother’s cooking to shame, then hit the Pina Coladas instead of dessert.

As the sun goes down, the shenanigans continue inside, in Freddie’s Bar, the room in which Freddie Mercury would reside during his frequent stays. Let’s just say these guys have the house-party-with-a-license vibe down to a T – there are hiding places everywhere, and Sunny’s Boudoir is full of costumes to slip into. Also, look out for Tony – although he sold up to Ibiza Rocks a few years ago, he still lives in the hotel and can be found telling tales of misdemeanor around the pool most days.

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