How To Throw A Kickass Zombie Party

You’re going to want to write this down…in blood.

Drown Yourself in Blood and Guts

If you’re going to throw a zombie party you need to have the creepiest, most disgusting costume there, so get creative! Shred up your unwashed clothes, roll around in some cemetery dirt, smear on at least a pint of fake blood, and attach some slimey looking organs to your shirt. And don’t forget your face; rev up that gaunt look with strategically placed face wounds to get a sweet “I rose from the dead and want to eat you” feel.

Keep an Infinite Loop of Flesh-Eating on Screen

Nothing gets us in the Halloween spirit like an endless stream of slasher flicks, which coincidentally is also the perfect mood-setter for a zombie party. With cult classics like Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later…, and Dawn of the Dead, you’ll have your guests completely desensitized to fleshy feasts in no-time. Well, sort of.

Get Gross In The Kitchen

For us to even consider going to a party, there needs to be two things guaranteed: an overwhelming amount of booze and enough food to smother a rhino. But this Halloween, don’t settle for fig tarts and mini crab cakes – step up your game with a blood-oozing brain cake, freshly severed fingers, and coiled intestines. We’re getting the munchies already!

Only Invite Your Creative (Read: Messed Up) Friends

Want to host your party at a nearby abandoned house instead of your boring apartment complex? That’s awesome, but your Yuppie friends aren’t going to be into it. Select your guests wisely and you can make this party as deranged as you want it to be. And don’t forget to lock the doors and windows after entry, for obvious reasons (sociopaths tend to reside in abandoned houses…just saying).

Zombify Your Drinking Games

During one of the zombie flicks, sit down in front of the TV and take a shot every time someone gets killed (Warning: This may get you hammered quicker than a sip of moonshine). If you want the game to last longer than 5 minutes, only take a shot when a distressed character claims the army is coming to save everyone. And if you’re looking to get really creative, “Which one of your friend’s brains would you eat first?” is pretty much the best game ever, so start thinking of some legitimate answers. Every time someone chooses you, take a shot; the persistent head-gnawing may hurt a bit less if you’re obliterated. 

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