How To Unblock Your Toilet

Turn a copy of Maxim into a plunger! Plumber Paul O’Grady shows you how.

Turn a copy of Maxim into a plunger! Paul O’Grady of O’Grady Plumbing in San Francisco shows you how. 

1. The first thing to do is stop the tsunami. Take the lid off the toilet tank, pull the flap down, and lift up the float to completely stop the water from overflowing, which would be all kinds of gross.

2. Roll the issue up tight and jam it into the toilet basin. Water can weaken the magazine, so you need to get it done in one shot and add force to loosen up the solids. Once they’ve shifted, give the toilet a good flush. 

3. The bowl should clear. The toilet will draw water by way of siphoning. Then, as much as it pains you, toss that


into a garbage bag, thank it for its service, and buy another one!

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