How to Work Out Like Mark Sanchez

Todd Norman, trainer of N.Y. Jets QB Mark Sanchez, will get you in shape for football season.

Todd Norman—who has also trained UFC champ Anderson Silva —added an MMA-style circuit workout to the QB Mark Sanchez’s regimen, aiming to bulk him up and improve his focus. The circuit is three five-minute rounds of 10 exercises, done for 30 seconds each (or do five twice each), with a minute break between sets. Try it two to three times a week. The best part? You can just about get it done during halftime!

Photographed by Eric Williams | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

Ground and Pound

Lay a boxing heavy bag on the ground and beat the shit out of it with hands and feet; it’ll toughen you up and improve your endurance.

Box Jumps

Jump up repeatedly to a one- to two-foot-high step.


From a standing position, drop into a squat, then fall into a push-up position, then go back to the squat and leap up in the air.

Punch a Heavy Bag

With a vigorous series of lefts and rights.

Kick a Heavy Bag

Stand perpendicular to the bag. Step toward bag with your front foot, wheel, and kick with the extended back foot, making contact with the front of your foot and shin. Alternate five per side for even leg strength.

Medicine Ball Toss

Stand perpendicular to a brick wall, five feet away. Hold ball in front of you, twist and throw it at wall, catch it, turn back, repeat.

Photographed by Eric Williams | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

Reaction Drill

Have a buddy throw a tennis ball and you chase it like a dog, or shoot hoops and chase the rebounds.

Line Touches

Do a 20-yard sprint, touch the ground, return to start, repeat.

Skip Rope

Aim for 90 skips. Put hair in pigtails for extra effect.


From standing position, holding dumbbells, step forward and almost touch back knee to ground; alternate legs.


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