Man-Crafted: DIY The Holidays, Maxim-Style

If we can do it, anyone can.

Decorating and gift-giving during the holidays can get pricey. In case you didn’t use our handy dandy gift guide, here are some things you can make yourself with stuff you probably already have in your house! Check out the masterpieces we made using items from around the office.


Real Christmas trees can be expensive, y’all! Instead, fashion one out of some folded up paper. We used the pages of old copies of Maxim, but you probably want to preserve those babies, and luckily, most types of paper will work. Get the instructions here.


Make your spirits bright and spicy by placing a bunch of cinnamon candies in some vodka. The more candies, the hotter! Let sit for 24 hours before consuming for the full effect.


No popcorn or cranberries? That’s okay! Just take the packing peanuts from your Cyber Monday packages and use a large nail and some twine to make a string of seafoam-green garland. You’re on your way to a DIY winter wonderland! 


You’re also going to need some ornaments for your tree. Surely you’ve got some airplane bottles of alcohol lying around somewhere. Use empty, half-empty, and not-at-all empty bottles of the good stuff, then wrap some twine around the cap and make a loop to hang on the tree. Hooks are optional. The best part about this kind of ornament? Full functionality. Whenever you need a little pick me up, just take one of these suckers off your Tannenbaum, and bottoms up! Best. Christmas. EVER. (They also make great gifts.)


A handmade holiday card is the best way for your significant other to forget that you didn’t actually get her anything. Take a file folder (we like red, but any color will work) and cover it with holiday-themed art, magazine images, printouts from the Internet, etc. We picked the lovely ladies of Maxim to make our card super special and sexy — we know our girlfriends will love it


Merry Christmas from Maxim, and happy crafting! 

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