South Jersey Mom Attacked By Hookers…Who Thought She Was A Rival

Next time you’re in Miami, make sure to stay off the local hookers’ turf.

Next time you’re in Miami, make sure to stay off the local hookers’ turf.

Photo: Travelpix Ltd / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

We’re assuming that some drunk horn dog at the bar approaching your wife as if she were an escort wouldn’t sit well with you. But what would you do if a group of real hookers actually mistook your wife for a prostitute infringing on their turf and beat her up? That’s the question wealthy home-builder Joseph Burgese has been left with since his wife, Anna, was jumped by as many as ten hookers in the lobby of the Miami W Hotel where the New Jersey couple vacations frequently. Apparently local police weren’t surprised by the attack, telling the couple that the group of escorts were probably drunk or on drugs and thought that Anne was encroaching on their turf. You know, just another day in Miami.

Well, it seems that Anna’s answer is to sue the hotel company for more than $150,000, given her claim that hotel staff actually helped the hookers make their escape by providing them with a getaway vehicle.

The couple’s lawyer, Lance Rogers, insists that they’re not suing for the money, though. They want justice. “She is the butt of a number of jokes and people are drawing conclusions about her appearance which are not founded,” Rogers told the Miami Herald. And while we certainly feel terrible for Anna, this whole scenario sounds like it came out of the most exciting finale of any Real Housewives franchise ever.

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