The 10 Best Fictional Homes On TV

The houses of our dreams aren’t even real…which makes them extra dreamy.

Don Draper’s Apartment, Mad Men

Don’s Upper East Side (73rd and Park Avenue) apartment may seem slightly small, but it’s perfect for small dinner parties, big office ragers, and affairs. You know, typical Don stuff. 

Monica’s Apartment, Friends

Sure, Monica didn’t have a professional decorator or anything, but her Greenwich Village pad was pretty sweet…especially for a poor chef. By New York standards, the place was huge, and had lots of windows to bring in natural light and naked neighbor sightings.

The Brady House, The Brady Bunch

It’s a little outdated now, but patriarch and architect Mike Brady designed a pretty groovy space for his ginormous family. There was plenty of room for big meals in the dining room and heart-to-heart chats in the kitchen, plus a nice backyard for potato sack races. 

The Huxtable Brownstone, The Cosby Show

Power couple Cliff and Clair lived in a Brooklyn Heights brownstone with their five kids. Though most scenes took place in the kitchen and living room, you can still tell that the Cosbys lived like total bosses. 

The Red Keep, Game of Thrones

Who wouldn’t want to live here? If you’re the king of the seven kingdoms, you get to chill here on your throne of swords and do whatever the hell you want. Besides that, the scenery’s great (it overlooks Blackwater Bay and the Narrow Sea from Aegon’s Hill) and there’s a lot of cool stuff to check out. Dragon skulls are kept in the cellar, criminals are kept in the dungeon, and it’s crawling with secret passageways. No wonder everyone’s fighting for the throne. 

The Banks Mansion, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Yo home to Bel-Air! This sweet mansion was a ’90s paradise full of luxuries like a bigass kitchen, huge bedrooms, a swimming pool, and Geoffrey the butler.  

Wayne Manor, Batman

Wayne Manor is home to Alfred, the world’s greatest butler (sorry, Jeeves), the Batcave, the Batmobile, Gothic architecture, a huge front yard, and lots of privacy. Oh, and Batman. Duh. 

Murder House, American Horror Story 

If you watched AMHSSeason 1, you’ll remember that it was frequently mentioned that the house was designed by some very stylish gay ghosts. Stained glass windows, Victorian decor, and a super chic kitchen make it worth all the murders that take place inside, right?

The Beverly Hills Mansion, The Beverly Hillbillies

Before Clueless and The Real Housewives, there were the Clampetts. Texas tea paid for their swanky digs in the heart of Beverly Hills. Their mansion had a big crystal chandelier, a huge spiral staircase, and a cement pond, among other things. 

0001 Cemetery Lane, The Addams Family 

The Addams family had a giant butler and a giant house full of all kinds of macabre goodies, like Thing and Cousin Itt. Creepy as it may have been, we would have loved to go inside and smoke a cigar with Gomez.