The 10 Best Sports Moments of 2014

From Cespedes’ miraculous throw to Djokovic snacking on grass, we look at what made 2014 a great year for sports.

Boiling an entire year’s worth of sporting events down to the 10 best is guaranteed to produce a controversial list, especially if you’re considering pseudo-sports like golf. There’s just so much stuff! That’s why our list will almost certainly be different from your list, which is most definitely different from Kobe Bryant’s list (spoiler alert: it’s all Kobe Bryant plays). For our purposes, the best moments were the ones we enjoyed most viscerally, the ones that made us fist pump the hardest, the ones we’ll remember best this time next year, when most 2014 has become a hazy muddle. Here are those moments.

Photos by Tony Dejak / AP Photo