10 Clips to Make You Feel Better About Steve Carell After Seeing ‘Foxcatcher’

The guy can act. He can also act like an idiot.

Foxcatcher” is the true and sordid story of the murderous millionaire John du Pont his bizarre quest to help train America’s 1988 Olympic wrestling team. Spoiler: This ain’t “Miracle” and it doesn’t end well. Even one viewing of “Foxcatcher’s” dark trailer will leave you wondering where Steve Carell, screwball comedian and adroit malapropist, has gone, and whether he’ll ever come back. His turn as a nasal-voiced (and faced) eccentric is incredibly believable and all the more frightening in the context of his otherwise cheery oeuvre. At times, watching the movie can feel like watching the second grade teacher you adored but lines.

We fully expect that viewers will take a while to recover from the emotional beatdown, but you can speed the process up by remember a happier, funnier, less murdery time when the world was a simpler place and Carell was insanely quotable.

“I read somewhere that their periods attract bears.”


“That’s what she said.”

“I love lamp.”


“My tiny little nipples went to France.”

“I’m riding a furry tractor.”

“Naaaaaaah Kelly Clarkson!”

“Here comes the warm milkshake.”

“Me so horny.”

“You know who turned out to be kind of a creep?”

Photos by Gemma LaMana / Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection