10 Ghosts We Want to See in a “Call of Duty: Ghosts” Deathmatch

Taking one video game way too literally…

We know that Call of Duty: Ghosts gets its subtitle from a squad name, but we can’t help but wish that some of these otherworldly entities were available in our multiplayer sessions. We’ll hold out hope that they’re coming in a DLC pack sometime soon.


We’re not sure if Slimer would be a better teammate or team mascot, but, regardless, we definitely want him on our side. He’s proved to be an excellent driver, is a terrific distraction when he’s sliming the opposing team, and there’s always a chance that Bill Murray shows up when Slimer’s around. When Bill Murray’s involved, you always take that chance. Always.


We’re still not sure what the hell Ghostwriter was; murdered child? Godsend? Whatever. The early ’90s PBS show named after him was a childhood favorite for lots of people, but we think Ghostwriter would do well to trade his rag-tag crew of Brooklyn pre-teen sleuths for a squad of battle-hardened gamers looking for a scout with superior recon skills. Drawback: he can’t talk, so he’s gotta spell out his messages. In a game where most of the messages tend to be “I banged your Mom,” that’s gonna seriously limit his ability to communicate efficiently.

Ghost Rider

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Not to be confused with Ghostwriter (see above) this flaming Marvel superhero is a dud in the stealth department (having a fiery skull for a head will do that), but he more than makes up for it in a welcome injection of off-beat weaponry and a Harley Davidson that can ride up walls. If Call of Duty needs anything, it’s more leather and chains… but that’s just our opinion.

Those Ghosts Who Haunted the Winchester House

The legend goes that Sarah, the widow of gun magnate W.W. Winchester, was convinced that her Northern California mansion was haunted by the souls of everyone who’d been killed by Winchester Rifles. So, basically, an actual army of ghosts that were already all too familiar with modern weaponry. Sign ‘em up!

Christmas Future

Photo: Everett Collection | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

This guy scares the bejesus out of us every single time we’re forced to watch A Christmas Carol. He was basically Charles Dickens’ way of sticking death into a holiday story, and foretells doom for nearly every character. “Doom for everyone,” that has a nice ring to it in a game predicated on slaughtering virtual versions of real-world players. Christmas Future, welcome to the squad.

Ghost Dad (aka Bill Cosby)

Ummm, he can bring the celebratory post-game Jell-O, we guess.

Casper The Friendly Ghost

Photo: Everett Collection | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Yeah, this guy totally doesn’t belong in a Call of Duty game, but we’d still pay money to see him wandering around a deathmatch, pleading for players to lay down their weapons and just get along. If we could put a bullet between a ghost’s oversized cartoon eyes, Casper would get the first one.

Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson

The Rose Room of the White House contains Jackson’s bed from his time as president and, apparently, also his glimmering, pissed-off essence. Recruit this ghost now. Not only was Jackson an excellent dueler who killed plenty of men mano e mano before he was elected president, the old coot earned his nickname by being tough and aggressive, just like the 11-year-old bastards who keep spawn-killing you.

The Twins from The Shining

Are they ghosts or figments of Jack’s insanity? Doesn’t matter, we want them on our squad. These two wouldn’t just be a killer duo who are able to work in tandem during a Capture the Flag session, they helped convince a dude to try and kill his family, and you want motivational players like that in a team huddle.

Patrick Swayze

No, he wasn’t very badass when propping pennies against a door or making clay pottery, but this is the same dude who roundhouse kicked the shit out of any trouble maker at the Double Deuce bar. Also, that hair. It’s simultaneously the most terrifying and most magnetic thing you’ll see floating through a war zone. The Swayze is an auto-add on our team and we have no respect for anyone who thinks otherwise.