10 GoPro Videos That End Badly

More mountable cameras mean more horrifying accidents on tape!

America’s Funniest Home Videos, both the show and the genre, used to be composed mostly of footage of birthday parties, weddings and the odd watch this! stunt—that is, times when someone had taken the effort to pull out a camcorder. Today, everyone with a smartphone has the best digital camera from 2007 in his pocket, and more people are strapping on GoPros than watches. That means tons of high-quality sports footage, from biking to jet-skiing, as well as a deluge of HD videos of human pain—yes, the GoPro fail, a YouTube category rivaling cat videos in popularity. Celebrate our new age with these 10 GoPro videos that have distinctly unhappy endings. Don’t worry, everyone lived. 

1. The World’s Most Casual Plane Crash


2. Accidental Ski Jump

3.It’s Hard Out There For A Chip(munk)

4. Don’t Tailgate

5. Steering Wheels Are For Amateurs

6. BMX Pain

7. Near Miss, Huge Fall


8. Let It Snow-No!

9. Leave Flying To The Birds


10. Rumble, Rumble, Rumble